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Characteristics of ABL Tube

One of our main products is ABL tube, generally used for the eye cream tube, toothpaste tube packaging, paint tube packaging, etc. Aluminum plastic tubes have the following characteristics in use.

eye cream tube
paint tube

1. Good Hygienic

The inner and outer materials of the aluminum plastic tube are generally made of food grade polyethylene, and the surface hygienic condition is strictly controlled during the processing.

2. Good Quality

The aluminum plastic composite tube package should have a good appearance and a full shape. At the same time, the hand sensing is more comfortable when squeezed. It has a thicker aluminum foil in its material, which ensures that it will not bounce after extrusion and the air will not enter the tube.

3. High Barrier

Most of the contents of the tube package are afraid of light, oxygen and moisture, which are extremely volatile, and the external odor is easily absorbed. This puts a high barrier requirement on the packaging material.

4. Good Tensile Strength

Since the aluminum-plastic composite tube package requires zero breakage during use and storage, the hose substrate itself must have good tensile strength. Otherwise, if the package is squeezed to a certain extent or expanded due to a large amount of gas generated by the contents, it may rupture and contaminate other commodities.

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