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BB Cream Basic Information

In essence, BB Cream is a make-up product with a liquid foundation. Therefore, you must use a professional makeup remover to remove makeup after use, so as not to cause a series of skin problems. In a strong daylight environment, a layer of sunscreen is required before BB cream to effectively resist UV rays. Because the color code of BB cream is little or even non-separated, and the overall makeup is white, BB cream skin is dark and the skin is easy to appear thick and white. It is recommended to choose white cream and face cream. However, many products on the market are two-in-one of the BB cream and the repairing lotion function, which avoids some defects.

The color component of BB cream is not a chemical pigment but a natural ingredient. Therefore, after makeup, it is a long-lasting embodiment. It has no makeup and no makeup. It is closer and closer to the skin, creating a delicate and natural, fresh, and moisturizing makeup. surface.

As a creamy product, BB Cream has no oily and greasy feel, so it is no longer necessary to use powder products to modify it. It also effectively covers wrinkles and large pores, making the skin fine and smooth.

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